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A Message from the Principal                                  abbeyset print & design [t] 049 4331932               Bord Oideachais agus Oiliúna
                                                                                                                                                                        an Chabháin agus Mhuineacháin
Pastoral Care                                         Breifne College is fully engaged in developing and
                                                      delivering the eagerly awaited New Junior Certificate.                                                   Breifne College
Breifne College provides a comprehensive Pastoral     It is imperative that all schools share a common vision
Care Programme to prepare students to cope with the   in preparing Students for the future by advancing and                                                  Cootehill Road, Cavan, Co. Cavan
complex challenge of living and working in a modern,  enhancing the learning for all students. “Breifne College”
contemporary society.                                 is in pole position to deliver this exciting initiative with                                               Tel: 049-4331735 Fax: 049-4362597
                                                      its unique approach and tradition in offering all 1st                                                          email:
Involved are highly qualified, committed members of   year students their first choice subjects on entry to the
staff and include:                                    college. The New Junior Certificate offers an array of                                                        website:
                                                      additional options. Breifne College is committed to
●	 A Year Head for each year group                    tailoring these options to suit each students` needs.                                                                 Principal: Mr. John Crotty
●	 A Class Tutor for each class group                 This is clearly compatible with the current educational
●	 The School Chaplain                                approach available and already in practice in Breifne                                                                              B.Tech.Ed., M. Sc.
●	 The Guidance Counsellor                            College. Our tradition and expertise, for the past forty
●	 A Home-School Liaison Officer                      years , in providing all practical subjects: Metalwork,
                                                      Woodwork, Home Economics, Art, Business, Music and
Other Pastoral facilities and provisions include:     Technical Graphics complemented by the established
                                                      core subjects such as English, Irish, Mathematics, French,
●	 BookRentalSchemeavailableforallstudents            Science, History, Geography, CSPE and Religion, places
●	 A well-supervised Homework Club                    Breifne College in a distinctive position.
●	 Personal Development Programmes
●	 Study Skills                                       As our Student Enrolment reaches in excess of
●	 Excellent canteen facilities providing 		          700 students and steadily increasing, coupled with
	 breakfast, lunch and afternoon meals                outstanding achievements at Leaving Certificate level,
                                                      the Department of Education and Science have clearly
                                                      acknowledged this progress with the imminent building
                                                      of a new State of the Art School Building. With building
                                                      set to commence in January 2015, this further
                                                      complements the excellent facilities and exceptional
                                                      pastoral care and academic education on offer to all
                                                      Breifne College Students, as recently lauded and reported
                                                      in the National Newspapers by the Department of
                                                      Education when they carried out six subject inspections.

                                                      With the New School building expected to open its doors
                                                      in the academic year 2016, Students and Staff alike look
                                                      forward to this new era. It consolidates “The Pursuit
                                                      of Excellence” initiative, which is now an integral part
                                                      of our school at all levels, as we strive to develop well
                                                      educated young people, academically, socially and

                                                      Breifne College has an established reputation and long
                                                      tradition of commitment to all its students. We look
                                                      forward to continuing this excellent work with parents
                                                      and students alike.

                                                      John Crotty, Principal
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